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Securing Your Data

The VCC manager has responsibility for the overall plan and execution of procedures to protect the personal information that individuals provide in order to conduct the prerequisite background check, without which a pass card cannot be issued. He will ensure the staff of the VCC understands the value and sensitivity of the personal information that visitors and contractors provide and work to ensure that their information is afforded maximum protection.

All Soldiers, volunteer workers and civilian employees of the VCC receive special training to ensure they know their duties and responsibilities when dealing with personally identifying information (PII).

Protecting your data

When the VCC receives a completed access request or appeal form, the form will be protected by stapling a special cover sheet (DD Form 2923) over the completed form. The form will then be placed in the “Incoming” work box in the manager’s office. The manager will ensure that the staff uses the request form to conduct a NCIC III background check. Once the background check is completed and the result printed out, the access request form and the background result will be stapled together and placed in a filing system pending the arrival of the requestor.

When the requestor presents him/herself at the VCC, the forms will be withdrawn from the filing system and used to review and prepare the pass card.

Once the pass card is issued to the individual, the forms will be returned to the file system as a completed action. At the end of the fiscal year, all completed forms will be sent to a local records holding area. At the end of the following fiscal year, all of the previous years forms will be destroyed in accordance with law.

No PII will be maintained at the VCC on a permanent basis.


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