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Welcome to Predators FC and the world's most popular game!

Soccer is a great sport... not just for fun, but also for helping your child to develop skills, become physically fit, learn to make good decisions and practice good sportsmanship.

Practices  The focus is on developing skills and individual decision making. Soccer is fast, so players must think quickly and make their own decisions. There is no time during a game to concentrate on executing a detailed coaching plan. Players learn the game through activities with the ball and personal experience. The job of the coach, then, is to "Let the game teach itself." Practices help players learn on their own through many ball touches and game-like activities to help teach decision-making skills.


Games  Please cheer for the team, but avoid giving instructions to the players.  Your instructions may contradict what the coach wants and if the children are listening to you, they are not thinking for themselves. Most coaches encourage players to think for themselves by limiting their own instructions during the game.

Please don't cheer for unnecessary long kicks, since this reinforces the wrong action.  Yelling things like "BIG KICK IT!!!" or "GET IT OUTA THERE!!!" might sound good and the results might even be good at that moment but, in the long run, these are NOT the way to play soccer.  Here's an analogy using a game we are mostly all familiar with--basketball.  Would you, in watching a basketball game, when the opposing team is attacking your basket, yell to one of your players to intercept the ball and then, once they do, yell at them to "THROW IT DOWN THE COURT!!!!"?  Well, some of you, of course, are saying "if they had a breakaway, I sure would."  Nothing wrong with that.  But if your team did NOT have a breakaway....and you were trying to STOP the opponent from scoring...would you yell "take the ball away and throw it down the court!!!!"?  Of course you wouldn't.  But that is the message we send our soccer players when we yell "BIG KICK IT!!".  More often than not, "Big kick it" means....turn the ball back over to the opposing team because in all likelihood, the opposing team is going to regain control of the ball.

 If you really want to help your team...the best instruction is NO INSTRUCTION.  Let the game teach itself!!!  The players need to develop a soft first touch on the ball to control quickly it so that they can then dribble, pass or shoot.



The game is modified for younger players based on their ability to learn.

U6 - The game is 4V4 with no goalkeeper. This means do NOT KEEP A PLAYER BACK.  We are trying to teach ball skills and agility. Posting a player in front of the goal prevents them from participating in the game, it denies them "touches" on the ball, and children of this age want to be involved in the game.  Most players are not ready for teamwork concepts such as passing.

U7 and U8 - The game is 4v4 with no goalkeeper.  Again, this means a player should NOT BE POSTED IN FRONT OF THE GOAL.  The emphasis is still on skills, but players are learning very basic teamwork, including passing and helping each other on defense.  A player stationed in front of the goal box is, as with the younger ages, denied touches on the ball.  As coaches, our job is to begin teaching teamwork, defensive maneuvers.  Having a player standing and waiting is NOT conducive to learning soccer.

U9 and U10 - The game is 7V7 including a goalkeeper for the first time. Players are passing more, improving quickly in their skills, have defined playing positions, and are more physical.

U11 and U12 Recreation - The game is 9V9 including goalkeeper. Players are growing in skills, teamwork, and positional play. They are beginning to understand the value of communication and starting to specialize in playing positions.

U13 and older - For the first time, the game is 11v11 on a full-size field. As a result, players must know each others' capabilities and work together to be successful, while still polishing their skills.

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